Organic Lavender Field Wedding: Tim + Jessica

Getting to do a wedding for someone you don’t know is always an interesting endeavor. My job as the designer requires me to not only understand what they want, but truly understand who it is I am working for. If I am to create the perfect occasion, I want to make sure it is tailor fit to their desires. What I loved about this wedding was working with them never felt like work! From our first consultation, I knew this wedding was going to be a blast to create. And having it in a Southern California organic lavender field and olive tree grove made it only that much better. I loved the fun touches this couple thought of, from the photo booth, to the fire pit, fully stocked with everything you could need for the perfect smore, this wedding was a great occasion. Getting to spend hours in the Los Angeles flower market was a blast and will make it hard to return to Seattle’s markets. So thank you Tim and Jessica for trusting a total stranger with your wedding design. It’s been awesome to have you guys go from my “clients” to become my friends. Congratulations on a beautiful and FUN wedding. Check out their full album from their amazing photographers, Jacob and Jessica Mariano.


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