Not to be Overlooked: Miscellaneous

I make it my habit to try and only post professional shots of my work captured by trained photographers. But after looking through my camera, I came to realize that there were many small events and parties I had done that didn’t have photographers capturing my work and just hated knowing they weren’t being featured. So I decided to start posting miscellaneous compilations of personal shots I’ve taken of my work. These pictures cover about five different events, from small weddings, to dinner parties and birthday’s. Bare with the iPhone shots and lack of perfect editing.


The Santa Breakfast

Christmas is always an amazing time of year, especially for kids, but throw in a a candy-land themed party, equipped with face painting, crafts and dessert everywhere you can see and you’ve pretty much created every child’s dream! Subtlety was the last word on our minds when bringing this event to life, so bright colors and glitter was definitely needed. Merry Christmas everyone! 

Holiday Brunch

It’s always a pleasure working with family. For this design, my mother hosts a yearly Ladies Holiday Brunch and asked if I would come up with a concept that brought in both seasonal Holidays for a late November event featuring a catered breakfast and holiday craft demonstrations. Wanting to avoid over used holiday colors, red was quickly ousted and aubergine became the color of choice. Mixed amongst mercury glass, silver pumpkins and glittering ornaments, we created a truly festive occasion.Enjoy! 

Styled Proposal

Events are always a pleasure to be a part of, but when you’re there from the very beginning, it’s even more exciting. I give you my first styled proposal. A fun, yet elegant table for two! We used a french cafe inspired feel, fused with the couples favorite colors, chartreuse and fuchsia. And talk about a ring…stunning! Grow old along with time, the best is yet to be! Perfect saying for the occasion. 





Sneak Peek: Master’s Commission Graduation Dinner

I had the chance of blessing some of my favorite people in the world, the Kirkland Master’s Commission with designing their graduation dinner decor. They each received their grad rings with a beautiful gray sapphire, thus gray was the color of the night. Candles illuminated the room, making the glitter curly willow branches glow amidst the custom gray paper roses. Overall, it was a great night and a really fun, different design than I’ve ever done. Congratulations class of 2011. You guys are amazing. 

Vintage Carnival Styled Shoot

Really excited about this, my first styled shoot feature on here. I had the privilege of working with the amazing Jessica Pressley Photography and we are both really happy with the result. I wanted to create something that had a fun vintage flair but still remained classy and refined. I started out with a vintage hot air balloon being my inspiration and from there the carnival feel evolved. Even amidst a crazy windy day, swarms of mosquitoes and some intense heat, we had a great time creating this for you. We had some pretty great models too. Kristy and Ryan, you were a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much to everyone who made this shoot come together. Hope you all enjoy as much as I did.

This candy buffet was all about capturing the best things carnivals have to offer: carmel apples, cracker jacks, kettle corn, candy galore and fresh strawberry lemonade.


Such stunning tableware. Deep red Avon glass from the mid 1800’s.

Love the vulnerability of this shot. You can feel the contentment of the moment.


Organic Lavender Field Wedding: Tim + Jessica

Getting to do a wedding for someone you don’t know is always an interesting endeavor. My job as the designer requires me to not only understand what they want, but truly understand who it is I am working for. If I am to create the perfect occasion, I want to make sure it is tailor fit to their desires. What I loved about this wedding was working with them never felt like work! From our first consultation, I knew this wedding was going to be a blast to create. And having it in a Southern California organic lavender field and olive tree grove made it only that much better. I loved the fun touches this couple thought of, from the photo booth, to the fire pit, fully stocked with everything you could need for the perfect smore, this wedding was a great occasion. Getting to spend hours in the Los Angeles flower market was a blast and will make it hard to return to Seattle’s markets. So thank you Tim and Jessica for trusting a total stranger with your wedding design. It’s been awesome to have you guys go from my “clients” to become my friends. Congratulations on a beautiful and FUN wedding. Check out their full album from their amazing photographers, Jacob and Jessica Mariano.

Vintage Burlap Wedding: Adam & Morgan

Getting to do a wedding for a lifelong friend is always exciting! I’ve known Morgan for years. We went through school together, slaved over our high school yearbook for days on end and even endured the eventful journey of learning how to paint in acrylics together. So to be able to be involved with the most important day of her life was truly a pleasure. But to have a bride tell me she didn’t want to use a single live flower scared me to death. I’ve committed to never use silks…it’s a conviction that I cannot break! But once I heard her vision of vintage, anthropologie style wedding of her dreams, I was totally on board!

From the hand crafted burlap and velvet flowers, to the aisle lined with music sheets from the song Adam wrote for Morgan, every detail was personalized exactly to them! Even down to the bouquet, each “flower” had a meaning. The crystal flowers stood for clarity amongst their marriage, the flowers from two-dollar bills stood for prosperity, again the music sheets appeared to represent music that initially brought this couple together and lastly the pearls amidst the ribbon flowers to represent the uncommon nature of their love.

All these details made for quite a unique and womderful wedding. Congratulations Adam and Morgan, love you both!